As a pre-school we have a duty to protect all the children who attend our pre-school, and any siblings that they may have.  Safeguarding includes: Protecting children from harm, ensuring children are safe and well looked after, and taking action so that all children are able to grow up in a safe environment. 

We work closely with other agencies to ensure that children are well protected, these agencies include; Wiltshire council, the police, health visitors, GPs and local schools. 

As part of our safeguarding duty we monitor each child’s attendance at pre-school. It is not compulsory for children attend an early years setting, but as your child is registered to attend we must monitor when children do not attend. If we have any concerns about attendance then we will cascade this information to relevant agencies. 

If you child will not be attending for any reason then please telephone/email us as soon as possible.  Please see the Attendance Policy for more information.


Dinton Pre-School is taking part in a project across schools, the police and early years settings. This new reporting system will alert schools and early years settings if a child has been involved or affected by a domestic incident. 

This information will be kept confidential, and only our Key Adult can access this information. Any relevant information will be cascaded to appropriate staff only. 

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